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A Letter from Mexico City

Hi my dearest Katie:

How are you? I am in a new wonderful adventure, we left Tijuana and now are living in México City, where all my family live.

What I am first learning is to meditate during traffic, it is so kind that people honk when it is time to go through, there is always support he he he. I love this!

You know girl that in México we do not have a special day for being thankful, and it is a beautiful way for stopping and appreciate and being greatful with the people who has touched my life.

I have decided to adopt this day.

So I just wanted you to know that I have been blessed since the day I met you, thank you for you being in this world, because of you my mother is the dearest, my sister has become the best instead of my enemy, I have fallen in love with my husband, Tijuana became the best city to live in, I returned with peace and joy to Mexico city, I am so excited to live now just with my clothes, a few pots and pans, and my bed and I don´t need any more!, that I see and feel abundance everywhere I go, and the best of all, I am at peace and in love with myself.

Thank you my master of love for your legacy and I am passing it on. Today I am in Guanajuato and on Sunday I am giving The Work. Next week I will be in Vegas giving a workshop in 4 days to some amazing Latino people over there.

This is moving, this is flowing, this . . . is love.

My heart is full of gratitude, thank you for the best gift I have ever received. I don´t say to God to bless you, now I do not dictate to him to whom he should bless. Instead I see that you are blessed

I love you and send you the kindest kiss to your beautiful heart.


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