Letter: Back from Barstow


You probably will not remember me…I remember you from Barstow Ca. Back in the late 90s I started getting ‘newsletters’ from you…haven’t a clue where you got my information, i lived in Phoenix. It was always a good read and I looked forward to them every month. It was a very humble beginning it seemed…and now you are a world figure for sure. You have taken so many people to a more beautiful place. You take on the ‘tuff’ issues, the dark side and bring it all to light…most other organizations would have these people, who bare their deepest soul secrets, reported to the ‘police’ and sent to prison…and because you free them from there own prisons they change. I remember listening to such a seminar on one of your DVDs. We could probably use a few judges (reactive minds at work), on the bench who could offer the work to the misguided in orange jump suits…ha!

Best of everything


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