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The Death of Hector

I receive a lot of email about my relationship and marriage with Stephen. Here is a typical moment. We are very quiet together most of the time, and I appreciate the ease and yes, the bliss that meets with that silence.

Stephen: “Here’s the salad. Let me know if it needs more vinegar.”

A few minutes pass.

Katie: “How was your morning?”

Stephen: “Excellent. Hector was just killed.”

Some of you know Stephen as a poet, scholar, and translator of great works (all of which would be on my reading list, if I had one). He had just finished his verse translation of Homer’s Iliad, to be published in October.

Katie: “Imagine if they had just done The Work, instead of fighting for all those years.”

Stephen: “Of course that would have been better for them, but we wouldn’t have the Iliad. Personally, I’m opposed to violence, except when it happens in great poetry.” (Pause) “And how was your morning?”

Katie: “This is the best salad I’ve ever had in my entire life!”

The Salad

And that’s about it. Life with Stephen? Soooo exciting!!!!

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