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Question: What does that mean, “take on the role of God”?

“Until we know that death is as good as life, and that it always comes in its own sweet way, we’re going to take on the role of God without the awareness of it, and it’s always going to hurt. Whenever you mentally oppose what is, you’re going to experience sadness and apparent separation. There’s no sadness without a story.
What is is. You are it.”

What does that mean, “take on the role of God”?
– Mark

Thank you for your question, Mark. “Taking on the role of God” means that we step into the identity of the wise one, that one who knows what should happen, and so we try to control things, out of this I-know mind.

We think that we know what is best for the people we love and for ourselves.

We oppose reality, and whenever we do, it hurts.

We believe our thought that death is a bad thing, we are sad or angry when someone we love dies, and we are afraid of dying ourselves.

This is the I-know mind, pure arrogance, the sufferer.

I invite all of you reading this to send me your stories about the pain of taking on the role of God and the experience of not taking it on. What did you notice? What was it like for you? What did you realize?

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