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Letter: Grandma and the School for The Work

Greetings, Byron Katie,

This is Rwanda, just wanted to let you know that my grandmother, Mrs. Leatha Sneed, just died at the age of 96. She loved The Work. We talked of it often and she stayed on the battle field of sharing with others The Work of love and its freedom. Grandma Sneed was freed at your School for The Work in Miami and lived in freedom every day thereafter. She was freed from things that she encountered during her childhood, and the prominent days of racism in the South, multiple molestations and rape because of her skin color. She talked continuously of love, love, love.

We had a family prayer call every morning at 7 a.m., and when asked how was she doing today, she would always say, “I’m blessed and highly favored.” She was the matriarch of 5 generations, the oldest of 12 children, leaving 3 siblings alive. She will be missed by her family, because there was never an event that she wasn’t present at.

Just wanted to let you know the part you played in freeing my grandmother and allowing her to live in peace within herself and to live in the purpose she was called for.

Love you always, Katie, for The Work you do and for being the one to give it to others!!!

Dearest Rwanda,

All is well and all is well, angel. Thank you for writing, and know that I am celebrating your grandmother’s life, death and her freedom. I send deepest gratitude to you for all the love and peace that you two have lived, shared, and made possible in this world. You and I and all of us who were blessed enough to encounter her at The School will continue to celebrate the life, love, and generosity of our beloved Grandma Leatha Sneed.

Blessings be to you and your family, and I am sending to you what is already yours, as I cannot do more than that, and that is love.

In joy and gratitude,
Byron Katie

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