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Letter: From Algeria


I’m very happy and exited today because I’ve facilitated my friend, a 50 year old woman, about the most important problem of her life (her mother). My friend is a psychologist and also works with the minister of education. They are developing a new field in human development and after the facilitation she said to me: “Isma, this Work is magic—so powerful and deep. I’ve been suffering all my life and now I have a new way that will help me to find peace.” She offered for me to introduce The Work in their program (the Worksheet and the four questions) and also to introduce it to the psychologists she studies and works with, in order for them to help people with it.

I’m really happy because when I was with Katie at the School for The Work in Germany 2012, I had this idea of how to help people in my country with the work and now it is taking place. I’m so grateful to God, to Byron Katie, and to all of you, my dear family.


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