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The Work in China

Dearest Katie,

I am writing to you from Shenzhen, China. Just finished a 3-day workshop of The Work for 30 participants. Want to let you know that The Work is so so well loved by the Chinese here.

It touched me deeply to see the willingness of these lovely ones, especially the young people, to step into inquiry. They are so precious. I find myself holding them gently like how I have been held by these questions all these years. It’s such a privilege to share The Work with them.




I have included a photo of our group photo. They want to say hi to you. 🙂

lots of love,


* * * * *

It was a wonderful experience to work with our dears during our China Webcast. Christine Lu Eggleston (Institute for The Work of Byron Katie Certified Facilitator) was there to shepherd all our Chinese-speaking friends in the event from Chinese to English and back again. Thank you, Christine! The Work lives in China, also thanks to our Sophia Wu (Institute for The Work of Byron Katie Certified Facilitator), who is always generously moving The Work in China.

(To find our Institute for The Work of Byron Katie facilitators in your language, please go to our profiles at Loving What Is is available in 31 languages. Also, look for your country flag on our site.

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