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Huff Post says, “Byron Katie Just Wants You to Be Happy.” Is it true?

When I’m working with someone, I don’t think about the outcome. I’m not concerned with whether you’re taking it in, or how deep your insight is, or what you do with it or how far you go with it, or whether you’re in total resistance or have a major awakening. What I care about is what you care about. If your answers are shallow and limited, that’s all right with me, because I see that it’s all the depth that’s required in your world right now. If you seem to make no headway whatsoever, I understand that the illusion you’re holding on to is precious for you, and if you want to keep it, that’s what I want. Or if, on the contrary, the bottom falls out as you’re answering the questions, and everything you thought you knew drops away, and you fall into the abyss of reality, I love that you’ve given that to yourself; I love the polarity you’ve entered, the don’t-know mind, where everything is surprising, fresh, and brilliant, and you’re like a child discovering life for the first time. But that isn’t my preference unless it’s yours. Why would I want to take your world from you, even if I could? Nothing comes ahead of its time.

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