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Hello, Hans.

This is Pamela Hickein, from Right Brain Kids!

As you may recall, I brought four copies of “Tiger, Tiger,” Katie’s books and the card set you illustrated for our right brain schools in Malaysia. The teachers have really embraced the 4 questions, and the older group of children have, too. I introduced the 4 questions at a staff meeting, then read the “Tiger, Tiger” book. English is a second language for most of our teachers, so the children’s book went a LONG way in helping them understand the concept.

Tiger-Tiger, Is It True? by Byron Katie and Hans Wilhelm

We have a staff bulletin board where I place a new Katie card from week to week.

What I notice is that the teachers are now looking within when they have conflicts with others—other teachers or parents, or even children with behaviors that they react to (I am doing more of this, too!).

After I first arrived, my business partner’s 11-year-old son felt unloved because he had to share his mother with me (in business meetings), or with the teachers and the other children. As she read “Tiger, Tiger” to him, many of the comments he voiced were in the book—”Wow, that’s me!” This book opened him up to being willing to continue to the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet and that process. I had the privilege to assist. His insights when he was processing with the turnarounds were really deep. I felt like I was listening to a high teacher in those moments.

Also, one of our teachers used it with a 5-year-old math prodigy who was in 3rd grade at an international school and was being teased daily by his fellow students. It really helped him let go of the pain. Now, he is being homeschooled with special lessons by area tutors in different subjects. His mother was really grateful for our help. She regularly orders books from the U.S., so I’m sure she will be getting him a personal copy.

There’s no need to reply to this email. I just thought that you should know how much your Work has impacted us. I know that you do not do this to receive recognition, but please do know: We are grateful!!!!



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