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Life after the School

I would love to share with you, especially since some of you are personally part of my journey to my homecoming by being available to work with me, what I answered for the School Reunion Webcast and what has changed for me:

Life with my 6 yr. old daughter has become much more peaceful. I stay calmer, it´s easier for me to stay present and not go into stories of the past and the future. This helps tremendously in not overreacting to what´s happening here and now. I have found the many ways I try for people to like me (and how I perform) and I keep finding ME more and more often by asking “do I like being with myself in that moment with what I do/don´t do, how I do it, how I perceive it, what I think about it”. I find that recognition from the outside suddenly becomes less of a requisite anymore. I´m starting to deeply feel again and being touched by music, laughter, hugs, the beauty of the patterns of my curtains and how sensual they feel on my body when I stand next to them and the wind blows them onto me. I´m at the same time scared shitless to lose it again and return to that needy, anxious, desperate & separate place. I will keep on WORKing until I´m being it.

A very big thank you to you D.L.! You gave me hope by shortly sharing your story with me and how it all changed for you sticking to it and you.

And such a heartfelt thank you to all of you wonderful, generous people who take the time to do The Work and who are available to me when I call on you.

E. J.

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