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Moscow Workshop

Dear Katie,

I am thrilled to report to you that I am going to Moscow at the end of the month to do a 5 day immersion into The Work. We have 12 people registered so far and many more interested. Many of them have been doing The Work on Skype with me and with each other for a long while. Many great discoveries and transformations are taking place.

This workshop effectively signifies that I am starting the Coach of The Work program, which will entail in-person workshops in Moscow and a number of teleclasses, and will take about 18 months to complete. There is a huge interest in The Work, particularly among psychologists.

I wanted to share with you this observation that was made during a teleclass by one of the participants, a young kindergarten teacher from Ukraine named Tatiana:

“Each of the thoughts was creating an emotional and physical response. They were ‘creating’ me. So I started ‘creating’ them. A little while later I suddenly realized that each of the thoughts, like a little mirror, focuses a ray of our consciousness, it ‘imprisons’ it, attaching perception to itself. “

If there ise a possibility for you to send a short greeting to these wonderful amazing people, I would be most grateful.

Thank you for The Work, for you, and for the love that it brings,

Olga Berg, Certified Facilitator




Dearest Olga,

I am SO filled with excitement for your dears. I love that they have the love and freedom that your generous heart, invitation, and The Work bring them through your course. Also, if a Skype call is possible I would be honored to join for a bit. The Work lives in teleclasses in Russia through you, dearest, and beyond what we can possibly know. For that freedom, I am grateful to you and all the people you touch and all whom they touch.

xoxo bk


Dear Katie,

I am writing to you with deep gratitude for all the support that you have extended over the years to the Russian community with The Work. We had an absolutely amazing 5 day workshop in Moscow. Patrie came along and helped. The 24 participants were incredible. Thank you so much for the webcast, it really set the right tone to the event. Our training program is running and the first group will be graduating next fall. They are deeply committed to The Work— people with tremendous desire to evolve and serve. I am working on finding scholarships for some of them and hopefully getting a group together for the School.

Here is some feedback from the Moscow class:

Natalia, Russia: “My world is changing imperceptibly and inevitably. At the end of the fifth day, my heart ached as if it were cut into two halves: one was the ocean of suffering, upsets and false thoughts that I saw in myself, a black ocean of the ego, in which I was drowning; the second—craving light and sensing the alluring “smell” of happiness and something incredibly high, what I have been looking for all my life, it seems. On the bus, a friend helped do The Work on the black cloud and I calmed down. Today at every step I stumble upon “myself,” I see more clearly my reactions, preferences and judgments of others. Turnarounds come by themselves and open purity of life. I just walk, just sit, just talk, just write this letter. And it’s “just”-as long-awaited peace. And thanks to Life, Unknown God, Olga, Patrie, and all of you, friends! :)))))))))))))))) Thanks!”

Faina, Moscow: “The Work can help get rid of dependence! In the morning I explored the thought: ​​‘I want coffee.’ ‘Is it true?’ Asking myself what I feel when I think this thought, I hear the protest rising from my liver ‘No!’ And without this thought I feel the sweet energy in the solar plexus. The turnarounds: ‘I do not want coffee,’ and ‘coffee does not want me’ (I just ran out of it), and ‘I want myself’ are much truer for me. Is it possible to compare the taste of a mouthful of an ordinary thing like coffee with a gulp of eternity?”

Olga, Siberia: “For me the workshop ‘Revolution of the Mind’ became a true revolution. Illusions of the past, illusions of my self-perception, perceptions of other people, illusions of my firm convictions—all dispersed into dust. Instead came love and joy, sometimes childish and excitable, sometimes quiet and very calm, so thick and dense that others can feel it. It was so powerful that five days seemed like a month. The state of love, love for myself, my family, the world, is just overwhelming. Thank you to Olga, Patrie, Natalia, and all participants in the workshop.”

Natalia , Russia: “My feelings after everything settled down a bit: The Work at the workshop cracked a protective shell which consisted entirely of my stories, and in which I lived. And that shell never matched reality. I do not know how many more of these layers The Work will reveal, but to see this and explore it is very nice. Even if it seems to be very painful at first. It was an amazing workshop, thank you all :)”

Moscow was incredible, and I really hope we can help you come one day.

Love to you,



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