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Letter from Prison

Dear Byron Katie,

I first read your book Loving What Is in 2012 shortly after I was arrested. It was given to me by my parents. I was very doubtful that I would like or learn anything from your book. I believed that I was hopeless and that who I was just the way I was. It truly seemed that my suffering was endless. Your book enabled me to change my perception of myself. I looked deeper into myself than I ever had in the previous 28 years of my life. And I found something amazing: ME! Along with hope, happiness, joy, self-love, understanding, and so much more. I found peace from thoughts I’d attached to all the way back to my childhood. I let go of so much anger and sadness. The Work assisted me to get to the point where I could start moving forward again. After I forgave myself and started loving myself, I began rebuilding relationship with my family. I’ve never been closer with my family or myself. I believe inquiry is the greatest and most powerful human tool. I am eternally grateful to you for teaching me.

I am currently incarcerated in Bonne Terre Correctional Center, located in Bonne Terre, Missouri. I am very active in all the programs they offer here. Currently I’m attending a program called Pathways to Change. I spoke with the staff teaching the class and got permission to present The Work to our class. I’m very excited about the opportunity. The reason I’m writing you is to ask if you would be willing and interested in donating some our your time. Our facility is connected with St. Louis University. It would be amazing if you could find the time to speak here. And it would truly be my honor to meet you and watch you facilitate The Work with others. No matter what your decision is, I am thankful to you for helping me find happiness, joy, and most of all inner peace.

With love,

If any Certified Facilitators would like to present The Work at this prison, please email lisa@thework.com.

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