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Shootings in Paris

The email below was submitted from the United Kingdom for a Conversation with Byron Katie webcast in regards to the events in Paris, France on 7 January 2015.


Q: How should the world react to the shootings in Paris this week?

Katie: Exactly the way they reacted. How did you react to the shootings in Paris?

Notice what you were thinking and believing. Were you able to stop what you were thinking, saying, doing, believing, in the moment you experienced it happening?


Q: How can we stop the response to it just creating more hate?

Katie: “The response is creating more hate”—is it true? Etc. Or is it not wiser that you look at your own responses, any response of hate, fear, etc. within you?


Q: Can religious extremists ever live peacefully side by side?

Katie: Is there someone in your life that you can’t live side by side with in total peace? I suggest that you begin there, dearest. If you can’t do it, why would you think that others can? Peace really is up to you. When do you begin? Always now.


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