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Prison of The Mind

I listen to BK now daily. I’ve been to therapy for years, after which I have studied on my own to help myself break the cycles of depression I find myself in. No one, in all my studies of 50 years, has “broken it down” as simply as Byron Katie does. Each time I complete a Worksheet, I am filled with joy rather than the anger, frustration, or sadness that I was stuck in before “Working” it. She has also helped my son and some of his friends, all of whom are inmates in prison, who are now doing The Work too. So please thank her for me, and for my son and his friends–all of whom, like me, needed profound teachings put so simply.
Sincerely, Yolanda.

P. S. I’ve got the book Loving What Is on order, to view subjects like rape and physical abuse, which I can find no mention of on video, either on Katie’s site or on Youtube. If possible, would you ask her to do a visual on that subject with someone actually doing The Work? Some of us learn easier that way by seeing it done.


Dearest Y,
I’m happy for your progress and send much love to you, your son, and his friends. I love that they are breaking free from the prison of the mind, the only real prison to break free from.

Physical abuse: I suggest that you get in touch with and visualize a particular time that you were actually being abused. Focus on a moment of fear during the abuse and write your Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet from that moment as though it were happening now. When you have meditatively written down the thoughts that you were thinking in that terrible moment, question each of those thoughts, using all four questions and turnarounds. Let me know what you discover.

Love without choice,

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