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Answers to an Interviewer

What does love mean?
Peace of mind. Connectedness.

How do you start your morning?
Amazed and then grateful for the beauty and miracle of life as it unfolds in the moment.

Who or what on the earth is inspiring you?
Gratitude that comes from the energy received in giving.

What makes you laugh?
Everything, really. To see is beyond delightful, and what shows from the outside? A mirror of the same.

What makes you cry?
Happiness. This state of love.

With what realization, feeling or prayer would you like to leave your body?
I already have.

What do you always take with you when you are traveling?
iPhone, iPad, water, comfortable shoes, steamed rice, veggies, and dried fruit to munch on.

What is your favorite time of your day and why?
Early morning (4:30-6 or so). It appears to be as quiet as my mind. The beautiful mind listening to itself.

Is there any significance in certain postures for spiritual worshiping and praying?
Whatever is natural, authentic, relaxed, and open to listening.

What on this earth gives you joy?
Nothing. Everything.

For what in your life are you grateful?
The creator of all life.

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