The Work in Business, Conflict Resolution from the Inside Out

Dear Katie,

I am sending a link to an article I wrote recently about facilitating The Work with business leaders.

It has been a privilege to facilitate The Work in business and leadership development for the past eight years or so and see my clients enlighten themselves (and me!) with amazingly helpful discoveries through inquiry. One of my clients is the Young Presidents Organization. YPO is considered by many to be the premier global peer networking and educational organization for chief executives and business leaders: http://www.ypo.org. I have worked with YPO as a certified educational resource and forum facilitator for the last fifteen years.

Recently I was asked to write an article for YPO’s online magazine, “Ignite,” about conflict resolution for business executives. This turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to introduce The Work to YPO members in over 125 countries. The Article headline is Four Simple Questions to Turn Around a Stressful Situation and the title is Conflict Resolution: A Transformative Process that Works from the Inside Out.

The response from YPO has been very positive. The article presents an actual case from one of my clients, a CEO in Japan, and guides readers through the process of inquiry with the 4 questions and turnarounds.

I am very happy if this article is helpful to anyone in business or organizational leadership who wants to turn conflict around and discover the peace, freedom and creativity that’s always available through inquiry.

In gratitude,



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