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2014 Summer Camp for The Work: Questions for Katie

Questions for Katie:

Background: We told the kids a little bit about you today, including the story about a man with a gun threatening to kill you. Some of their questions reflect their curiosity about that story.

What is your religion? (Elijah)

Describe The Work in one word. (Cynthia)

How did The Work get started? (Ryan)
I realized that when I believed my thoughts I suffered, and when I questioned them I didn’t suffer. When I realized this, The Work was born. It was so powerful it even found its way to you in my life.

How fast is The Work spreading in the world? (Justin)
I don’t know. The Little Book has been translated into at least 37 languages. So I think it’s spreading very fast.

Why are you okay with dying? (Elisa)
Because I am only who I believe me to be. What never lived can never die. Nothing can’t be afraid of anything–right?

What is your view on life and death? (Samai)
I regard all life as precious, and death the same.

Do you have any bad days? (Kate)
I don’t. I’m very open to bad days, though, since bad days would show me clearly what I need to Work on next.

What’s the most important thing we should know? (Eric)
That love is the ultimate power. Nothing else is a problem once that is understood. Fear lets us know when we are arguing with reality, which is love, the nature of all things.

What is your perspective on money? (Elijah)
Money is a state of mind. A sane mind is never in need.

What brings you happiness? (Cynthia)
Everything, including your question.

What sacrifices have you had to make since starting The Work? (Kate)

How did you stay so calm when someone pulled a gun on you? (Ryan)
I didn’t want to miss what could be the last few moments of my life. Also, wouldn’t it be silly of me to worry about me when he was the one with the problem? I did think, “I hope he doesn’t do this to himself.” To harm another human being is to really feel bad about yourself. Guilt is not a happy way to live. Also, I didn’t want to miss being with the stars, the sky, the moon, the smell of water and plant life. It was an amazing moment, just like this one now with you.

How did you know what you were going to do and say in that situation? (Justin)
I didn’t. I don’t plan my words or actions; it isn’t necessary, Justin. I just can’t know what’s going to happen next in my life, just as you can never know, and that’s what makes life SOO exciting. That’s why I say, “Love is the power.” To be authentic is to love yourself, to love others, to love the situation, and to be present and aware in the moment (which is the only place you can be), is to understand that love is the power you can trust.

What is your overall goal with The Work? (Elijah)
The end of suffering.

Who is your role model? (Elisa)
It’s not a person; it’s the love I see in all things. And a great role model it is. It never lets me down!

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