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A Letter from Katie

Hello, dears,

Thank you again for your generous welcome and volunteer work that made the Zurich, Bern, Geneva, London, Paris, Vienna, Cologne, and Amsterdam events possible. Also, I was so excited to have the new French translation of Loving What Is, published in time for the tour; thank you, Benoît and Margot. I loved this tour, family, and am happy to say that thanks to you, I experience The Work as alive and well in the world, because of those of you who have taken inquiry into your life and have passed it on as you continue your daily meditation practice in The Work. I look forward to seeing how many cities I can take on next year; I already love responding to some of your invitations. Love is the power that moves me, and that is all that I met on the tour this summer. I met it in the eyes and hearts of each one of you, dears. You move me in the world through your love and care, and I am so very grateful for the peace that, all together, we bring into our world.

So, back to Ojai, and this past weekend at Spirit Rock, and on to the No-Body Intensive in Atlanta, and on and on. Stephen and I are also taking a final pass through the new book. It’s called A Mind at Home with Itself, and HarperOne will publish it in September 2017. I am so moved by Stephen’s version of the Diamond Sutra, included as the basic text that I comment on, and I love that those of you who have wanted this book to come about will have the good fortune to experience it yourself. If you have a better title for the book, please pass it on to us—you can email it to stephen@thework.com. We really are open to all input from you for another title, though I love A Mind at Home with Itself, as that is this given grace of consciousness. I don’t know why or how this awareness and grace came to be, but it is easy for me to recognize that its only value lives through you. You are my love, my life, and my reason.

So thank you for The Work happening in you and for the peace awakened through you, and how you allow it to take itself from one to the other in the world. Thank you for supporting this silly body through its travels to meet you again in Europe, and I appreciate imagining that you are aware of this moment now and that all there is for you is here in it and how this understanding gives you everything in you so visibly and without effort.

I invite all of you who are available to turn your life around at Turnaround House, beginning this Sunday, September 4. Take this opportunity to turn your life right-side up! For those of you who can afford the money and time away from your present lives, I invite you to this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

Thank you for waking up to the life that is already yours. And for those of you meditating on a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet today, I invite you to keep in mind that you need only ask, wait, listen, and notice, being realized through our Work.

All ways loving what is,

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