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The Work in Georgia

Hi dear Katie,

This is Tina, the one from Georgia (the country between Russia and Turkey) who was granted a scholarship by you at the School for The Work–July 2016.

First of all I would love to say thank you again for your generosity and for this transformational opportunity that has changed my life, forever…

I’m happy to announce that the translation process in Georgian is almost finished. After the Web-site is done in Georgian, the next stage is to share The Work with the Georgian people, who are waiting for it impatiently.

The population of Georgia is about 3 million people. Most of them don’t know English, Russian is already almost forgotten, especially in my generation, so I’m enthusiastic about bringing The Work to as many people as possible to discover it in Georgia.

With big love, enthusiasm, and gratitude,

* * * * *

Hi dear Katie,

I’m writing to share the progress about bringing The Work into my country, Georgia.

On November 5, I shared The Work with Georgians, they loved it, and I’m so happy and grateful. A lot of people came, and they were excited to know more about The Work. They have found their answers in it.

It’s a big pleasure to share The Work in my country.

I would love to share the pictures too.

IMG_0185 IMG_0246


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