Video: How to Live a Happy Life

Byron Katie is interviewed by, along with a Czech/English translator. Katie supports them to get in touch with thoughts that cause them stress and may be running their life–thoughts like “My friend should change,” “My son is arrogant,” “People really don’t care,” There’s no way I can get this job done,” “Life is unfair.” All these stressful thoughts have a powerful affect on the way we see others and the world.

“When I ask myself ‘Is it true?’ and meditate on the question,” Katie says, “I become enlightened to a whole other experience. I can see the world in an entirely new way. This is happening for hundreds of thousands of people on the planet in many languages. And why do we believe these thoughts? We have an identity that we’ve established. We have to believe the thoughts in order to keep the construct of this identity together. When we start to question these thoughts, our identity begins to fall away, leaving us more enlightened, self-aware, and free. We either believe our thoughts or we question them; there’s no other choice.”

“If I have the thought ‘He doesn’t care about me,’ and I notice how I treat him when I believe that, it’s very different from how I treat him when I believe ‘He does care about me.’ Once I have done The Work on that negative judgment, the next time I meet him, I’m balanced, connected, and interested. I am now an excellent listener who can grow and expand through this meeting with him. And having questioned the judgment, I am now more open and connected with every human being I meet.”

“When we do The Work, our world changes, because the way we see the world has changed. Only I can free my mind. No one has the power to cost me my freedom but me. I invite you to question the thoughts that are depressing you.”

When we question our beliefs, we open ourselves up to a world that is unlimited. —Byron Katie

Czech Introduction to The Work:

Czech Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet:

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