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In Memoriam Lucie Rock

Lucie Rock, born in Montreal, Canada died on October 29 from lymphoma cancer.

She was a student of The Work and was deeply engaged in turning her stressful thoughts around. She attended the School for The Work, the No-Body intensive, and a One Year Immersion program with a Certified Facilitator/Trainer.

She did hundreds of Worksheets every year, unraveling what kept her away from freedom. She did The Work before her diagnoses, and during and after her treatment. She did The Work when declining a new experimental treatment, allowing her tired body some peace. She often, very often, did The Work at night when unable to sleep, eyes closed, in pain, continuing to grow in the perfection of her inquiries.

A few weeks prior to her death, she continued her Work with the desire to undo her fears and to find peace. As I have known her, I would not be surprised if she continued to do her inquiry during her last four days, when finding herself somewhat “nailed” to her hospital bed, completely inert, unable to communicate or to move.

This is how I explain her last facial expression: a smile on her lips and love in her eyes.

Thank you, Katie.
Thank you, The Work.
Thank you, all who partnered with Lucie on her path to peace.

Benoît Desroches

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