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From a registered surgical nurse in the UK

My experience with The Work of Byron Katie started four years ago. The Work found me in a moment of my life when I was unable to get out of bed, feeling strong anxiety, and I saw nothing to hold on to. Daily practice in The Work allowed me to stand up to my analytical mind in such a solid, unquestionable way, and that just blew me away. I saw every conception of reality I had created leaving me, slowly and irrevocably. Since then I feel an impulse and excitement to share The Work with people. I’ve shared it with my friends and family and have done Judge-Your-Neighbour Worksheets with them.

Since I discovered The Work, I’ve had Skype sessions with a facilitator once a week for a year and a half, I hear BK’s podcasts and watch her seminars on YouTube with the same excitement some people watch a football match, which has blown my mum’s mind a few times in the past. I’ve seen numerous interviews, and I have attended a few Work retreats in these four years. I keep practicing The Work, and I know I need support with some topics and I look forward to it. I’m reading Loving What Is at present.

As I work towards inner freedom, my family and everything around me moves me towards love and inner peace in ways I’m not even able to understand. There is no better contribution to the world than my working with myself. That’s what I came here to do in this world, and I believe that’s what we are all here for. Especially being a therapist and a nurse, I need to make sure I keep freeing myself in order to be able to best support others. As a nurse, taking medicine to the next level, I understand how our lack of self-awareness has affected our physical health, and the need to start focusing on healing from the inside has become obvious.

As a human being I feel the suffering in my clients. Some of them experience breakthroughs during our sessions, and I’ll soon be working at the Women’s Center with very vulnerable women. I look forward to being at the School for The Work so that I can better handle these situations, being able to guide my clients towards the identification and dissolution of their belief-causing suffering, giving them the same chance someone gave me four years ago, to shift reality and to outgrow the hell they are experiencing.

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