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Turnaround House

Turnaround House is a twenty-eight-day residential program designed to support you in radically turning your life around.

Turnaround House is based on The Work of Byron Katie, a simple yet powerful process of self-inquiry. It is a way to address the root cause of your suffering, where all addictions, depression, anxiety, shame and destructive behaviors arise.

This unique immersion into The Work will give you the time to tap into the wisdom inside you. Our curriculum and dedicated staff offer a kind and safe environment to support you in a whole new way of life.

Byron Katie is on staff as often as her schedule allows.

We invite you to your own 28-day Turnaround House experience.

If you

  • feel stuck and incapable,
  • are depressed or suffer from shame, guilt, or confusion,
  • feel victimized,
  • experience a loss of energy, fatigue, or lack of purpose,
  • want to dramatically change the way you think and feel,
  • are indecisive,
  • are tired of seeking love, approval and, appreciation from others and want to find it within yourself,
  • are suffering from burnout,
  • eat even when you’re full,
  • or suffer from self-hatred,

welcome to Turnaround House.

How It Works

This intensive experience is an unparalleled opportunity to begin to end all the stress and suffering in your life.

Turnaround House helps to anchor your mind back in reality and establish a deep practice of The Work. Once you learn how to question your stressful thoughts, suffering begins to subside, even if you have experienced years of turmoil, depression, or confusion.

If you are looking for a way out, we invite you in. We are here to welcome you home to yourself.


Turnaround House is a warm and inviting home. It is a tobacco-free, drug-free, caffeine-free, refined-substance-free, and alcohol-free environment.

Its simple and restful atmosphere is conducive to restoring a sane and balanced way of life.

Meals: Healthy and Sane

The meals at Turnaround House are designed to create optimal balance of body, mind, and spirit. For those willing and able to follow the simple Turnaround House meal program during their stay, remarkable emotional and physical changes occur.


Maintenance of sustained clarity is supported by the high standards, quality of care, and power of our free aftercare program. The support of Byron Katie’s staff and our aftercare program make it easy for you to stay connected. We are here to support you long after your time here with us at Turnaround House, through our powerful ongoing resources program.

To Register

If you have already decided to attend Turnaround House, we congratulate you. We understand how difficult it can be to say yes to yourself and your own personal welfare, and we are here to support that decision 100 percent and to serve you with all our hearts.

If you are still contemplating coming to Turnaround House, we invite you to make that leap. We are here to catch you with open arms and to support you into a whole new way of life.

We require that participants be alcohol- and drug-free for a minimum of 30 days prior to arrival at Turnaround House (with the exception of drugs prescribed by your physician). For your stay at Turnaround House, we will invite you to turn in all screen devices: computers, smartphones, etc., except for an emergency.

Currently, there are no future dates in 2019 scheduled for Turnaround House. Please stay tuned.

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