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Witness The Work

Witnessing other people working with the four questions and turnarounds can offer a glimpse, even an experience, of the power of inquiry. As you watch, notice how it is possible to relate by finding a similar situation in your own life. You can also travel with the person working with Katie by listening and envisioning what he or she describes.

How to Fill in a Worksheet

Filling Out the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet (7:19)

Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet (10:09)

Introduction to Inquiry

He Lied to Me (00:55)

Tears into Laughter (14:10)


Being Gay – A Journey into Self-Acceptance (39:35:00)

Do you really need a partner to be happy? (33:52)

Fear, Shame, and Suffering

I’m Afraid of Trump (37:25:00)

Money, Finance, and Work

I Made the Wrong Decision: The Work in Business (6:29)

Interviews with Byron Katie

How to be Successful (56:55:00)

Interview: Uncovering Happiness Symposium (38:01:00)

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