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A Letter from Gordon in Kenya

Hi So Dearest Katie,

We at my project in Kisumu love you sooo much and practically well! Thanks for your emails that really give me and us all strength and enthusiasm.

The photos that I have attached here are our participation as a group in the recent joint venture where we helped built a house for one of our project members whose house was destroyed by the recent floods. You can see me at work in red shirt and our project ladies are making green vegetables for the builders and our project men are constructing this house!
I have involved all these members into doing The Work and also training them and translating your books in my language for the elderly and uneducated members in the village!

I love doing The Work with all groups of people here!!

Today am happy to let you know of great and impressive development regarding The Work in Kisumu, Kenya.

So far, I have been busy sharing and reporting about my experiences at the School for The Work in Germany and my experiences and challenges after I came back from the school until now. I have received enthusiastic change in my personal life and in my work with my project. It’s so wonderful. Am so happy that the School has greatly turned around my life, thoughts and vision!! Am NOT the same again. New things are happening in my life!!

Please see the photos of both students and my project members doing The Work with me! Some of these students are in Maseno University near Kisumu city and others in Kokulo Primary School and others are my project members!!

Hope you enjoy seeing the photos!


Thank you, dearest Gordon. It is as though I am there with you. I am so proud of the human being that you are and how you dedicate yourself to freeing others in so many ways through your dedication and love.

in deepest gratitude,

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