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In this intimate session between a man and a woman, we see the struggles of two people in love. Watch Jason honestly express his anger and frustration, and watch Ellie hear him without judgment. Witness as Jason questions his mind and discovers, to his amazement, that she is the mirror of his thinking. His discoveries clearly show us that what we’re believing about our partner’s anger can cost us the wisdom they’re offering. Can Jason open his mind to where Ellie is right? Can we really hear our partner under all circumstances? This viewing is an eye-opener for all those who are in a relationship, and for all those who aren’t.DVD_TriesToControlMe2_1024x1024A son is hurt because he can’t help or please his mother. “I want Mom to tell me that she loves me.” “Mom should stop saying no.” “I need her to enjoy something I give her.” When he believes these thoughts, he is miserable. But when he questions them, he realizes that he doesn’t need her to do or be anything.


“God should make my life easier, reward me, and remove my suffering”—is it true? Byron Katie does The Work with a man who thinks he is a failure and a victim. “When we believe our stressful thoughts, we cost ourselves the awareness of a benevolent presence in our lives,” Katie says. Watch as he gets a glimpse of who he is without the thoughts that put him at war with reality and with himself. DVD_GodYouShould_1024x1024

A woman is devastated because her fiancé has cancelled their wedding, calling her a whore. Through inquiry, her confusion clears as she sees that she is the one clinging to the past. Whens she discovers what actually happened rather than her story of it, her shame and anger change to delight.



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