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Byron Katie is now an honorary board member for a local, Santa Barbara Non-Profit organization called AHA!.

AHA! serves teens and families year-round with after-school programs in Santa Barbara and Carpinteria, a summer program in Santa Barbara, and in-school programs in Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, and Goleta.


Their aim is to create a community of socially and emotionally intelligent adolescents who are committed to compassion, character, positive creative expression, and the celebration of diversity. With an innovative experiential curriculum, their program guides teens to set goals, stop bullying, and end hatred.



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The core curriculum imparts invaluable skills for understanding and managing emotions and relationships. From this place of security in themselves, teens are inspired to be creative, compassionate community members and achievers.


Katie spent a full day with the AHA! staff showing them, through their own experience, that The Work can be easily done among themselves and with teens. So far the AHA! staff has been using The Work for themselves by filling out Worksheets when they notice stressful thoughts. In the short time they have been doing this, they have noticed more positive interactions with one another and less stress.



In AHA!’s more intimate summer workshops, the AHA! staff is looking forward to facilitating the teens and teaching them about The Work. The staff already realizes how much The Work can change the future for these teens.



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