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The Work is Meditation

Meditation and stillness are so important when it comes to self-inquiry. If you can do The Work in slow motion, meditating on a situation when you were upset or angry, taking five, ten minutes or more with every question, it becomes a pattern of mind, a natural state of listening.

The guided meditation below is offered to support you in finding stillness.


The Morning Walk

I invite you to this walk, which is a meditation. It can be done in nature or sitting in a chair as you look around the room. I call it the morning walk, and we begin each day at the School for The Work with this exercise. But it’s a wonderful practice at any time of day.

It’s so lovely to just walk and not know, and let each object you see tell you what it is, rather than you telling it. Just listen, be still, and allow everything to name itself. Or not. Simply notice and be free in that, as though everything is yet to be named. Because someone named it “tree,” you really think it’s a tree. But what if you just got still, noticed, and let it tell you? I invite you to the don’t-know mind as you experience this morning walk, any time of day.

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