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Who would you be without your story?


The Work is a way to identify and question the thoughts that cause all your suffering. Everything you need in order to do The Work is available free on this website.

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"A spiritual innovator for the new millennium." —Time magazine

The School for The Work

Join in the ultimate inner adventure. Spend nine days losing the fear-based stories you have innocently clung to all your life.
24 October-2 November 2017

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A Mind at Home with Itself by Byron Katie and Stephen Mitchell

"Byron Katie has rocked my world and shaken loose my mind more thoroughly than any other spiritual teacher I’ve ever encountered, living or dead." —Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic

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Upcoming Events

1 July 2017
Paris, France
3 July 2017
Zurich, Switzerland
7-12 July 2017
Engelberg, Switzerland & worldwide through live broadcast
14 July 2017
Copenhagen, Denmark
16 July 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands
18 July 2017
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Turnaround House

A 28-day residential program to offer you an uninterrupted experience of The Work. If you are looking for a way out, we invite you to drop in. We are open to welcome you home.

Next Session: 12 Nov.–9 Dec. 2017

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