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Since I have memory always not a single second ever I believed I should be different, being myself was not acceptable or perfect. Can you imagine living all the time criticizing you or others? For sure anger, depression, confusion, helpless, hurt, fear, and illness were all over my life. My story was if I copy this and that of any person who I admire then I could be loved and perfect. It was an impossible journey, during the years try several things who relief me momentously and then stories appear again and again.

In 2008 I found The Work and dearest Katie. I learned in the most simple and easy way to love and accept me and others as open, loving, happy, alive, positive, peaceful, strong, and relaxed. Since then my life has become an unimaginable trip of joy, kindness, understanding, completeness, and it continues to get better. If in my way a story shows up again or a new story appears, answering the four questions and turnaround it works every single time!

I worked for the IT Industry as an executive for more than 25 years, now the essence of my being is to truly serve and find the great joy in sharing The Work with you. My focus is in leadership, job/career-issues, achieving and goal setting. Also issues a personal growth and development.

Come and question your thoughts and find your GREAT version of you.

I am available to facilitate in person, by phone or videoconference. I also offer presentations, workshops, and training for groups, businesses, non-profit organizations or other. Abrazos.

Contact Information:
Phone: (+52 1) 55 21 29 25 99
Skype: Alicia Segreste OK