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Namaste, I am Helena, I am fifty-one and a mother of two. I live on 17 acres outside of Nevada City in the gorgeous Sierra Nevada Foothills with my twelve year old daughter and husband of fourteen years. We love to go hiking with our three dogs, swim in the rivers up here and harvest fresh veggies in our garden.

When The Work came into my life in 2000 I had been a full time spiritual seeker and Vipassana/Zen meditation practitioner for almost twenty years. I had been studying with a lot of “enlightened” teachers. I had even enjoyed some success as a spiritual teacher; writing best selling books and traveling around offering workshops in my native Scandinavia. I really thought I knew something and that I was “spiritually evolved.”

Yet, the radical kindness and powerful simplicity of The Work shook me to my core. I was amazed to find that The Work enabled me to unravel and untie inner knots that I had worked on for years using many other modalities. Still I wondered if The Work would hold me if something really intense happened.

Then in 2001 my twenty-one year old son Jon died from an accidental overdose of heroin. Needless to say, I sat with a lot of excruciatingly painful stories. The Work helped me to stay present with the deep unfolding of love that my son’s passing catapulted me into. As I worked through story after story my worst nightmare became my deepest blessing and opening into light. I can honestly say I am grateful my son’s body died.

Since then I have applied The Work in pretty much every area of my life; in the day-to-day challenges of parenting, paying the bills and creating loving, respectful communication in my marriage, making peace with my ex, being a more fun mom to my daughter, overcoming painful memories of my childhood with an alcoholic, abusive father and instead finding a deep love for my father, shifting my intense stage fright so I could be able to pursue my dream of starting a dance performance group, being at peace with going through bankruptcy and financial hardship when the economy went down, becoming more present in my meditation practice (now I have a tool that works for all that mind chatter) and last but not the least: my relationship to myself, going from a lot of self-judgment to loving how this woman, me/she, appears and unfolds. (And when I don’t, there is just another concept to inquire into.)

I am beyond grateful to live my life in service of The Work and to be able to see the immense beauty of my life unfolding. The Work brings to me to that place of inner peace, oneness and deep connection to Spirit that I had been seeking my whole life. I share The Work through a bi-monthly Inquiry Circle with two other facilitators in my home town, through private sessions in person or Skype/phone, workshops focusing on masculine/feminine, romantic love/sex relationships and death, loss and grief. I also offer 2-day radical shift sessions for individuals and couples that offer a deep immersion into a specific issue that seems stuck, impossible to heal or overcome.

United States
Contact Information: 

Email: helenamontelius@yahoo.com
Phone: 530.913.0186
Skype: helena.g.montelius
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Look-Within-Helena-Montelius

North San Juan, California, US

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