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I loved to ask and answer questions. As a sociologist I questioned authority and the world around me. I tried to find meaning and purpose; tried hard to be a good spiritual person. As a health practitioner I used different healing modalities. I was constantly searching for something outside to improve myself.

With The Work I have a tool to question my identity, who/what I think I am:

  • a mother who left her son, now discovering a mother who is free of guilt and loving her son.
  • a daughter who rejected her family, now seeing how much she is like her mother.
  • a traveler for years in search of a home, struggling with a sense of belonging, migrating to another continent, now has found her home inside.
  • an I that was always restless, critical, distant, aloof, manipulating, comparing, rebelling and testing others for love, now discovering an I that doesn't see many problems anymore, stays calm in crises, speaks her truth fearlessly and rests in the solitude and quietness of her internal life.
  • a body wanting to look a certain way, and being afraid of illness and aging, now a vanishing investment in self image and feeling ageless inside.

My experiences with The Work have been subtle and ever present. I perceive steady changes. Inquiry is like breathing - it's automatic. There is now a gentleness to life, a softness and ease.

I welcome ANY belief or situation to inquiry. Discover who you really are!

I do The Work with individuals and groups, in English and German, in person and worldwide by phone/Skype and in your home/work environment. I also offer custom workshops/retreats and inquiry walks.

United States
New Mexico
Contact Information: 

Phone: 505.820.0914
Skype: lavaew

Santa Fe, New Mexico, US and Berlin, Germany

New Year's Mental Cleanse

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29 December-1 January 2019