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Marie Schils


With The Work I finally found what I had been looking for fo so many years.

I started therapy in 1983 when I encountered some health problems. I continued on with personal development and trainings to become a therapist myself. (Body-oriented psychotherapy, Transactional Analysis, EFT, EMDR … and then specialized in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders).

Each of these modalities was very enriching but I had the intuition that they were not enough to create a profound transformation.

When I discovered Loving What Is I was both enthusiastic and skeptical. A few years later, reading Byron Katie’s second book I Need Your Love, Is That True? I felt the pull to learn more.

In 2011 I participated in my first School for The Work and it was a true revelation for me: after being identified as a victim seeking assistance … I suddenly could not see that “victim” in me anymore. Instead of identifying with my story of “the girl that had to leave school at 16” there was no story there anymore. I discovered a woman, responsible and in charge of her life.

I finally found what I had been looking for all these years.

Since then, the Work has never left me and I want to share this incredible process with people who are interested, so we can bring more consciousness and peace in each of us.

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Phone: +32.87.882762
Skype: schils.marie

Welkenraedt, Belgium