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The first thing I noticed when my journey started was that I was suffering. I was 30 years old and I told myself: This is not what I want on my deathbed!

I have been on the path to end suffering ever since, using all kinds of methods. I always ended up seeing what had not changed: The immersion in thinking about my so called failures, feeling all the sadness and grief. Failing in living up to all my good intensions, plans of improvements that I thought I should follow and could not! Failures in getting what i thought I wanted out of life.

I learned about "positive thinking" and I still didn't manage to change, and that caused me great stress. The only times it seemingly worked, was when I already believed the positive thought and just didn't know it yet. I suspected that the problems came from my thinking. For an exam I even wrote a paper on the subject of how the thinker influenses the project. What I didn’t know was what to do about it! I continued my life, pretty much emerged in my thinking. Even though deep down, I knew better!

When I met The Work in 1999 it was such a huge revelation to me! It was like blindfolds were gone from my eyes and for the first time I could see! Four simple questions did it FOR me. No further need for Gurus. No further methods. Investigation into my thoughts and my thinking was enough. And I had that right there with me. The degree of pleasure or pain in my life became the parameter for what is free in me and what is not!

I love to sit with myself and others and dive deep with the 4 questions into all the big and small stories, provided in this amazing life-journey!

My background is in psychotherapy (Jungian psychoanalasis and bodywork) and before that I was a Social Worker. I still have some single cases as a social worker, where I often manage to apply The Work with good results. I have done The Work with people with stress, breakdowns, relationships, incest, parental issues, depression and more. I do The Work with individuals and I teach The Work to groups, at workplaces and on related educations. I trust using The Work on any issue and I don't fear the so-called hopeless cases and/or strong emotions. As I have been a hopeless case myself, I am very familiar with them!

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Phone: 0045 23428346
Skype: Nayano Skaaning

Copenhagen, Denmark

New Year's Mental Cleanse

Want a fresh start? Come spend one to four days immersed in the power of The Work. Byron Katie’s deep insight, humor, and untiring commitment to your freedom are reasons this event has become an eagerly anticipated annual tradition.
29 December-1 January 2019