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The first thing I noticed when my journey started was that I was suffering. I was 30 years old and I told myself: This is not what I want on my deathbed!

I have been on the path to end suffering ever since, using all kinds of methods. I always ended up seeing what had not changed: The immersion in thinking about my so called failures, feeling all the sadness and grief. Failing in living up to all my good intensions, plans of improvements that I thought I should follow and could not! Failures in getting what i thought I wanted out of life.

I learned about "positive thinking" and I still didn't manage to change, and that caused me great stress. The only times it seemingly worked, was when I already believed the positive thought and just didn't know it yet. I suspected that the problems came from my thinking. For an exam I even wrote a paper on the subject of how the thinker influenses the project. What I didn’t know was what to do about it! I continued my life, pretty much emerged in my thinking. Even though deep down, I knew better!

When I met The Work in 1999 it was such a huge revelation to me! It was like blindfolds were gone from my eyes and for the first time I could see! Four simple questions did it FOR me. No further need for Gurus. No further methods. Investigation into my thoughts and my thinking was enough. And I had that right there with me. The degree of pleasure or pain in my life became the parameter for what is free in me and what is not!

I love to sit with myself and others and dive deep with the 4 questions into all the big and small stories, provided in this amazing life-journey!

My background is in psychotherapy (Jungian psychoanalasis and bodywork) and before that I was a Social Worker. I still have some single cases as a social worker, where I often manage to apply The Work with good results. I have done The Work with people with stress, breakdowns, relationships, incest, parental issues, depression and more. I do The Work with individuals and I teach The Work to groups, at workplaces and on related educations. I trust using The Work on any issue and I don't fear the so-called hopeless cases and/or strong emotions. As I have been a hopeless case myself, I am very familiar with them!

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Phone: 0045 32 545 837
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Copenhagen, Denmark