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For most of my life I thought my answers, my peace, and my happiness came from outside of me. This meant I was continually trying to please, be accommodating, and ultimately get approval and love from others. I was very co-dependent with my husband and others and I could not even envisage being on my own as it would be too terrifying.

Four years ago I found myself on my own. My life as I knew it, and had clung to, came to an abrupt end. My 28-year marriage ended, my last child had left home, and both my parents had passed over. I was terrified. It was a free fall into darkness. At the time I knew of The Work and trusted it and committed to it totally. So down this dark hole I took The Work with me and committed to it totally. Questioning every stressful story and thought that my mind was bombarded with—about loss, betrayal, fear of the world, loneliness, not being good enough.

Today, eight years later, I stand on my own two feet, and I feel strong, happy and ‘home’. The Work has helped me to turn my life around, and given me the insight that this is possible for every human being.

I offer The Work in private settings, face to face, skype or phone, and in workshop/retreats, where I include yoga to gently support openings and integration of The Work. My heart's desire is to share The Work with anyone wanting ‘home’, to return to that peaceful and loving being that is there waiting when the mind has been met and understood. If this is you, I look forward to hearing from you.

New Zealand
Contact Information: 

Phone: 00116421562119
Skype: sheryngieck1

Auckland, New Zealand