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Turnaround House

To attend this life-changing 28-day program:

Call 805.444.5799 or +1.805.444.5799

or Email: turnaroundhouse@thework.com

About Turnaround House

Turnaround House is Byron Katie's 28-day program for The Work. At Turnaround House we delight in guiding our participants through this intensive, one-of-a-kind program. As an integral part of the program, we show you how to live a nourishing life-style, and how to maintain those changes when you go home.

Turnaround House is based on The Work of Byron Katie, a remarkable process that millions of people—addicts, veterans, filmmakers, students, artists, homemakers, executives, politicians, and mental-health professionals—have used to successfully overcome their self-defeating behaviors.

Turnaround House is the only program qualified and approved by Byron Katie to use The Work exclusively to support participants. Katie and her qualified staff, filled with fearless unconditional love and understanding, will guide you through this groundbreaking 28-day program.

Byron Katie is on staff as often as her schedule allows.

If you …

  • are depressed or suffer from shame, guilt, and confusion
  • eat even when you're full
  • feel stuck and incapable
  • feel victimized
  • experience a loss of energy, great fatigue, or lack of purpose
  • want to dramatically change the way you think and feel
  • are indecisive
  • are tired of living your life seeking the love and approval of others
  • suffer from burnout
  • experience recurrent thoughts of death and suicide
  • hate yourself

… we invite you to your own 28-day Turnaround House experience.

How it Works

Using The Work of Byron Katie to access the wisdom within you, we are easily able to identify and deal directly with the root cause of dysfunctional acting out, addiction, depression, burnout, violence, confusion, fear, suffering, and pain.

The “how” of dealing with problems finally becomes understood, as we question the stressful thoughts that are the cause of suffering. Through your daily practice at Turnaround House, you will come to see precisely what is propelling your addictive thoughts, actions, depression, and outbursts.

Turnaround House helps to turn your mind back to the beginning, back to reality. Once this is experienced, through inquiry, and other offerings in the Turnaround House program, the cycles of pain are broken, and agony begins to subside, even if you have experienced years of turmoil, obesity, addictions, or depression.

If you are looking for a way out, we invite you to drop in. We welcome you home.


Turnaround House is a gentle and respectful place where you learn to identify, question, and understand the mind that causes all the self-hatred, depression, and unhappiness in your life. Turnaround House itself is restful, simple, and designed to support you as you turn your life around. Turnaround House is a tobacco-free, drug-free, caffeine-free, refined-substances-free, and alcohol-free home (participants must be clean and sober for a minimum of two weeks prior to attendance).

Meals: Healthy and Sane

The meals at Turnaround House are designed to create optimal balance of body and mind. For those willing and able to follow the simple Turnaround House meal program, remarkable emotional and physical changes, including weight loss, can occur.


This maintenance is supported by the high standards, quality of care, and power of our aftercare program.

The support of Byron Katie's staff members and a free Do The Work Helpline make it easy to stay connected to The Work and Turnaround House long after your stay.

To Register

If you have decided to come to Turnaround House, what an amazing decision you have made! We understand how difficult it can be to say yes, and jump into the unknown.

With all our hearts, we invite you to make that leap and to realize what is always there to catch you.

The fee is $20,000, with a $2,000 non-refundable deposit; the balance is due prior to your arrival. We require that participants be alcohol- and drug-free for a minimum of two weeks prior to arrival at Turnaround House (with the exception of drugs prescribed by a physician).

To attend this life-changing 28-day program: Call 805.444.5799 or +1.805.444.5799
or Email: turnaroundhouse@thework.com


“The Turnaround House experience blew my mind and continues to. Every day, I’m resting more and more in that spacious place of not knowing and not needing to know. Life is getting more lighthearted and more relaxed... I’m trusting it more. The Turnaround aftercare sessions and directions for that, by the way, are FAB!

I feel so lucky to have had the Turnaround House experience and want to be a part of offering it to others. Some of the thoughts that used to stick like cockleburs aren’t sticking anymore: 'I need to intervene,' 'I don’t want to be embarrassed,' and 'I’m not capable of that.' I am enjoying taking more risks now. What’s there to lose?”

- M.

“I ran away from a 29-year marriage with 2 suitcases and not much else. I was in such a state of fear/anxiety that I was shaking uncontrollably as I drove away from the house, fearing I might meet my husband on the road somewhere in the very rural small town setting where we lived.

I was forced to give up my medications for depression/anxiety because he chose not to work and to use all of our savings until we had none left and he applied for welfare. My attempt at suicide to escape the darkness, loneliness and utter fear/desperation failed—he let me lie unconscious for 3 days in our bed without ever calling 911. Somehow, when I awoke, he just yelled as usual that I "should go live in a f—in hole somewhere and not be so selfish to do something like that again!" This from a man who was a former CEO of a company and now due to his life choices, our family was on welfare and without any insurance or income.

My thoughts were in such a state of confusion, I couldn't think. I was just in survival mode there for months. I left the state and ran to family for safety and relief. I spent the better part of the next year sobbing, unable to eat/sleep and barely functioning day-to-day. During the year, I tried talking to him, he was unwilling. I finally filed for divorce and after having to go back to the state again and see him (and him yelling abusively at me as though I had never left a year before, and this time in front of one of our children), I knew it was the only thing I could have done. After the divorce hearing and seeing him again was so devastating, returning back to my family again, I was inconsolable. I felt complete devastation and was consumed by suicidal thoughts. Unable again to eat/sleep/think I spent one night hugging the toilet bowl on the bathroom floor for 10 hours dry-heaving and sobbing. I didn't know what to do. I saw Byron Katie on You-Tube and had had two of her books. It looked like relief. I picked up her book and couldn't even process the sentences in my head I was in such an awful place. I just continued to watch videos. Then, I found her website and wrote a letter about myself and my situation. I received a response almost immediately which helped me hang on. Katie invited me to Turnaround House and I gratefully accepted that invitation.

It was difficult for me to imagine attending the program, but I felt it was my only hope for a way out. On the way to California on the plane I finally read Katie's book Loving What Is and I felt so much better afterwards seeing how much her program had helped people who were confused and in fear to become at peace with themselves. I felt Katie could resonate with me personally as I was coming from a similarly dark place that she had lived in herself before finding her way out through The Work. Although I had never met her, I trusted her completely.

I attended the Turnaround House program and am now home. To say this was life-changing is a serious understatement. Words cannot begin to describe that I am not the same person coming out that went into it. I am happy and have a peacefulness within my life which I have never known before. I know I will never need depression/anxiety medications again. I know now that LOVE heals. This program is LOVE. Katie and her staff were completely committed to loving me and helping me heal myself. Its all about self-realization and self-empowerment. I have the confidence to face whatever comes in life now. I am so grateful to Katie for taking me into her heart and program and giving me the tools to have the life I now know I deserve and love. I love them all and I love me now too.”

- KB

“I am a recovering heroin addict ... but after being introduced to The Work I had to ask myself, 'Is my mind clean and sober?' The answer was NO. The Work has assisted me in getting to the root causes of my addiction, which is imperative for permanent change. What really impresses me is how versatile the questions are. Not only do I apply The Work to my thoughts around my addiction, but to every area of my life...”

- B.

“Incorporating the exercises and doing The Work on a more consistent basis has been wonderfully beneficial for me and probably more so for those around me. And out of my Turnaround House experience came the realization that almost anything is possible. My life has been more peaceful and relaxing than I have experienced in as many years as I can remember. ”

- J.

“Dearest Katie, I am so grateful that you have offered this program to humanity, it really does turn around someone’s life if they surrender and let it in! The Turnaround House experience was just what I required at a very low point in my life. I believed that I was of no value to life and was very serious about leaving this world but something inside me decided to give the Turnaround House a try before I took any action. I am so grateful that I did. The program is exceptional, the certified facilitators/staff are angels of unconditional love and acceptance and Katie, you are absolutely flawless in your understanding of the participants and in giving us the technique of the work. The four questions and turnarounds are life shifting and most enlightening. I am so grateful for this program, the safety of the environment, the endless opportunities presented in the program and the exceptional aftercare. Coming back to life reality and applying the work in real time has been so empowering. The Turnaround House food plan has really been life altering for our family. Noticing and experiencing how food affects the mind and body has been life altering. I have noticed and experienced a true observer consciousness with my thoughts and it is such a blessing to not be emotionally attached to what comes into my head. I experience True peace of mind! I no longer believe the thought I am of no value to life and plan on staying in this world until I am not! Thank you so much for your generosity, compassion, presence and love. In love and gratitude.”

- Nicole