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Letter: Candidates Telling Lies

Dear Katie,

I have been watching the two candidates telling the American people about how they are more qualified than the other. I know they are both telling lies. And that makes me angry.

What happened to the truth?

How do you decide? How can you tell if what they’re saying is true? The media isn’t much help either. They seem biased.

I’m so sick of this charade, I’m thinking about not voting at all. What can I do to clear my mind? How can I use The Work to help me decide?

I don’t want to make a wrong decision.


Dearest Robert,

Politicians say many things to get elected. I would ask you to question their statements. One way to find out is to visit a site like Both campaigns have referenced the site at various times, and it is interesting to learn what the truth is, according to factcheck. I have been told that the site is nonpartisan. If it feels right, take a look. And have you noticed the negative McCain and Obama within you?

And if you think that one of the candidates is causing you stress, I invite you to do a Worksheet on him or her. In reality no politician—no one outside you—can cause your stress. The only thing that can do that is an unquestioned thought. So write all those thoughts on paper and don’t hold back. “I don’t trust Obama because he’s too young.” “I don’t trust McCain because he’s too old.” Question them, see how you react when you believe them, see who you are without them, turn them around, find examples, and notice, are you more informed about what really matters? That is the way to a clear, peaceful mind that can make sensible choices that affect us all.

Love always,

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