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Gratitude for The Work

I’ve been thinking of you and sitting in gratitude for all that seemed to come from my meeting you. This strong feeling arose this morning as I was speaking with my sister. She was telling me all the ways her daughter was not up to being a mother. As I listened what arose in my mind was that she was out of her business. I mentioned that in a gentle and loving way. Something lit up in her, and it seemed to rock her world with understanding and clarity. She understood how she was living what our mother showed her and passing it on to her child who was then passing on to her children. That insight seemed to disintegrate our family karma.

Similar awareness and clarity has shown itself daily, and for that I am grateful. The Work has pointed me to a freedom and happiness I knew existed and with thirty years of meditation, studying the wisdom texts, translating them as well, chanting, and other practices, The Work has been the Crown Jewel of freedom. There is a peace in me that is present and never leaves.

Thank you for all of this, my Dear Friend.
I love you, Katie.


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