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Aileen Cheatham

For many years the question I kept asking myself was: “What is this for?” My life appeared successful on the outside, but deep inside I felt lost. I was often depressed and I felt physically tired and unmotivated.

Through The Work I’ve learned that life is for me to free myself from my limiting beliefs. I’ve learned to use every situation that upsets me to deepen my understanding of who I am in reality. Who I am, is who I am without my story. The experience of who I am deepens every time I do The Work. As a result, I smile more; I feel more relaxed, flexible, tolerant, and I’m kinder to myself and others.

The Work is what gets me up in the morning. Through it, I’ve learned to look forward to situations that upset me because I know that on the other side of them lies my freedom.

I offer individual sessions through Skype or phone (or in person to those living in the San Diego area) as well as workshops and telecourses. You can also find me on the The Work Helpline. I welcome the opportunity to know you and work with you.

California, United States
English, French, Spanish
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