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Birgit Fedke

For me, The Work was the way out of a vicious cycle of my long-lasting attempt to find happiness through self-blame and incredible harshness towards myself.

– A way out of guilt-ridden for not trying even harder, and therefore the feeling that it’s all my
fault, out of the sense of not good enough.

– A way out of trying to solve it intellectually and trying to whip me into a better person.

Identifying my thoughts, anchoring them in a specific situation, and questioning them was mind-blowing.

I found that nanosecond before my action would come to life. Exploring this space felt like a paradigm shift for me. It gave me the needed space to find true happiness, my own goodness, my own (and everybody else’s) innocence, and – finally – peace of mind.

I am in the middle of this journey, the most wonderful journey I have ever taken!

I invite you to do The Work and start or continue your own journey!

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