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Celia Chapman

The Work for me is an amazingly simple process that cuts through the confusion of my thoughts to what is really true – peace and clarity. Of all the modalities I’ve tried on this path through life, The Work is the most practical and sweet. I came to The Work through A Course In Miracles and find that The Work gives me the tool to experience and live the Truth of ACIM. I find that when I do The Work for breakfast, I have a beautiful day! Challenges arise and it is such a gift to meet them with inquiry.

I have Worked through, and I invite you to Work through thoughts around:

dealing with the “ex”
being the “victim”
money issues/bankruptcy
moving to a new city
finding a job
starting a new job
low self-esteem
death of parents

I see all of these experiences as gifts for our Work together if you think it would serve you.

Florida, United States
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