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Channa Zaccai

For a long time ‘doing it right’ and ‘being good’ in what I thought were the eyes of others ran the unconscious ways I would think, feel and act. Situations in which I thought I was being ignored my mind used as proof that I was doing it wrong and that ultimately there was something wrong with me. I feared this meant disapproval and abandonment by others.

When I started doing The Work in 2016 I experienced room for what I was thinking and believing without condemnation. Emotions could surface in a safe, still space. I found a way to access wisdom from within. I have experienced The Work on mother, father, siblings, religion/God, addiction, eating disorder, romantic relationships, work, money, life and death.

Doing The Work is a home coming to me each time. It has brought healing from heartbreak, freedom from self-imposed rules, trust in the natural unfolding of life, self-acceptance, a sense of taking responsibility for myself, a mentality of cooperation, an ability ‘to rest’ in not knowing, a stronger connection to what I am feeling and clearer communication as a result.

Thoughts about death, being doomed, and self-hatred have no hold on me anymore; rather, it has turned around to: I am here, so there must be something right with me. Doing The Work continues to be a humbling journey of meeting myself and others with understanding.

If you are interested in peace and clarity, it would be a privilege to do The Work with you.

Dutch, English
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