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Channa Zaccai

For a long time ‘doing it right’ and ‘being good’ in what I thought were the eyes of others ran the unconscious ways I would think, feel and act. Situations in which I thought I was being ignored my mind used as proof that I was doing it wrong and that ultimately there was something wrong with me. I feared this meant disapproval and abandonment by others.

When I started doing The Work in 2016 I experienced room for what I was thinking and believing without condemnation. Emotions could surface in a safe, still space. I found a way to access wisdom from within. I have experienced The Work on mother, father, siblings, religion/God, addiction, eating disorder, romantic relationships, work, money, life and death.

Doing The Work is a home coming to me each time. It has brought healing from heartbreak, freedom from self-imposed rules, trust in the natural unfolding of life, self-acceptance, a sense of taking responsibility for myself, a mentality of cooperation, an ability ‘to rest’ in not knowing, a stronger connection to what I am feeling and clearer communication as a result.

Thoughts about death, being doomed, and self-hatred have no hold on me anymore; rather, it has turned around to: I am here, so there must be something right with me. Doing The Work continues to be humbling journey of meeting myself and others with understanding.

If you are interested in peace and clarity, it would be a privilege to do The Work with you.

Dutch, English
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