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Dale Steele

For a while I worked extremely hard at becoming free. I believed that if I applied myself diligently enough, with sufficient sincerity, devotion, perseverance, and discipline I would eventually achieve a lasting state of deep inner-peace. I imagined that I would be a saintly human being, emanating loving kindness, experiencing profound freedom, and that all issues around relationship, money and competence would bow in defeat and disappear permanently. At times that happens and I am not convinced of the permanency yet.

What has happened is my beleaguered marriage ended amicably; the love and respect I feel for my ex-wife continues to deepen. My father passed on presenting a profound understanding of the strength of the projections I had placed on him. I was becoming kinder and more loving, yet internally I was still bullying myself to be more saintly. Eventually I came to see that the way I was trying to make myself into a kinder, more loving man, though well meaning, was not actually kind.

Through doing The Work, my interest in changing myself has lessened significantly. I no longer beat myself up as severely or frequently with the idea that I should be more loving than I am. Most of the time I am okay with being me—even as rage arises, even as I feel inept, even as a longing for companionship twists my gut. There is openness to whatever arises, including openness to resistance when it arises.

The freedom I found so far through The Work is different than I had imagined. Peace has deepened in the presence of mental and emotional discord, and the episodes of discord are diminishing in severity and duration as well.

My current profession is facilitating The Work. Sometimes I do handyman work and enjoy performing a comedy, juggling, and six-foot unicycle riding show.

I was first introduced to The Work in 1996 and found it to be simple, clear and effective. In 2003 I attended The School for The Work. I offer workshops and retreats that are listed on the events page. I welcome the opportunity to do The Work with you.

North Carolina, United States
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