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Dani Omri

As a businessman, I was more interested in the business bookshelves that day I walked into the book store in Jerusalem. On my way, somehow, a book called “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie the founder of The Work, has caught my attention. At the time it was the last book I would buy – an American looking woman telling me how to live my life… For no reason I left the store with this book in my hand. My life has changed dramatically since then.

Before The Work I have lived a normal life, as “second generation” we are sometimes called in Israel – sons and daughters of the holocaust survivors – survival was our first mission in life, the mission to build our new country while protecting it – came second, we as individuals came only third if at all.

Since my father had a theory he needs to make sure we are well prepared for this kind of life – a beating was planned per each of his children, at least one good beating he said will be necessary to prepare us for life.

At the age of 6 I got my share of beating. More then the pain – fear and hopelessness – being left alone and outside in the dark, with wet pants, shame, tears and above all the fear, the fear. The fear that I am alone now, no one to protect me, not even my mother and obviously not my father… with no where to go from here – this 6 years old boy felt the world has just ended.

A play-some child, that have experienced the world as great playground full with adventure, has now realized his mistake. He decided that he can trust no one, that nobody really loves him – his heart shut.

Since then I have lived a normal life with heart shut.

Married, had two wonderful daughters. Successful at work and with good management skills – you know, life.

The only problem was I knew I am not capable of love. I had to lie when I was asked “do you love me?” so, not to be left alone again I lied … but, beside that – great life for the next 50 years or so, it has all changed after the third day of the “School of The Work” with Byron Katie in 2007. This little heart of mine cracked open, just enough for the light to get in.

Only to realize I was never alone, there was always aboundance of love and support all around me and that I was simply blind all these years… mind, you know and what we believe in. We project what we believe reality is but only for 50 years or so…

I was not able to completely shut this heart of mine back since then. I have tried.

I have been joking with Katie once: “I am really angry at you” I told her in front of everyone. “Why?” she asked. “Well” I replied, “since The Work I can not blame anyone of anything anymore, not anyone in my work life, not my wife and family, not even myself. You took it away from me” I complained smiling. “Then you can blame me for that” her fast reply was…

Warning: the work will open your heart if your mind is open to it. And I warn you there is no way back after that.

With an open heart – traumatic memories, addictions, weight loss, parents and children “issues”, simple stress at work or your family life or even the stress of waiting in the car for your wife “again” – any of that will not shift you from your stillness, peacefulness and the deep knowing of who you really are, [get ready for a surprise]. If you are interested.

Now, Katie also says she does not call it “The Work” for nothing. There is work to do. Are you ready? Are you really intetrested to find out who would you be without your story? If yes –

Then we are ready to support you and walk with you to any deep hole or dark place you want to go, we can go there together.

Any of the certified facilitators will be good for you, we are all well trained for it by Katie herself.

The important thing is that you start… NOW.

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