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Danielle Slater

Follow the rules, argue the conditions, try to ignore it, white knuckle it, attempt to manipulate and control it, swallow the guilt and the shame of it… but question IT? When did that become an option?

In 2015, before coming upon Byron Katie‘s book, I Need Your Love – Is That True?, I was exhausted, afraid, and angry. I was relentless, in a “life depends on it” way, in trying to not get “it” wrong — anything wrong. I had a story that this “standard” was what drove the “overachiever”, steered the many years of anxiety attacks and depression, and fueled the resentful, judgmental and righteous martyr. Right and wrong were the guide rails. Suffering was the familiar road.

Before The Work, I believed that “thoughts” and “me” were inseparable. Inextricable. Instead of simply making a mistake, I was a mistake. This practice invites me to continue to step into the observer, with mind believing an unquestioned thought, and then inquiring into a situation with and without that thought… over and over, worlds of new choices and liberating responsibilities continue to open up before me. The Work, relying on our own inherent wisdom, unfolding with each question, so we can each see for ourselves while learning from each other. The Work for me is so steadfast in holding each stressful thought, from vivid childhood memories to challenges in areas of work, body, relationships, and time. It continues to give me a deep sense of certainty that I’m never more than Four Questions and the Turn Arounds from returning home, feeling connected again to myself and others.

In various businesses and as a results coach, it is my daily passion to share The Work and it is a privilege to support anyone in this bold and radical practice of questioning our thoughts. Please feel free to contact me to do The Work of Byron Katie.

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