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Divya Jaishree Sellamuthu

I came to The Work in March 2012 (my first 9-day School) as a result of unhealthy romantic attachment. Since then, I have discovered much more than just freedom from love addiction. I am a calmer, more balanced person, able to listen better, and see more than what my ego tells me is there. I have let go of a lot of stories of the past concerning my parents and myself. My self-esteem has improved and I no longer berate myself; I am my own kind, loving parent. I am grateful for life and loving the people in my life. This story of One only keeps getting better!

I hold an undergraduate degree in Business Management from Singapore Management University, a masters degree in Hospitality Management from l’Institut Paul Bocuse in France, and an MA in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco. I am currently a student of music, learning both Indian and Western styles of music and I live in Chennai (India), a city known for its culture, particularly music.

If you suffer, I am willing to offer the gift of silence in inquiry. I regularly offer introductory workshops on The Work for groups, as well as personalised one-to-one coaching for individuals. I do charge for my sessions and please get in touch with me to know more.

English, Tamil
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