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Elma Roura

Direct, deep, sensitive, easy, transcendental, and very, very practical.

This is how I see The Work, a tool that allows you to go from head to heart and from theory to practice in a fast and deep way at the same time.

After many years of searching and traveling I didn’t find anything like that. I keep practicing and I do not find the limit, it is a practice that always brings you to go deeper. I feel lucky.

I decided to really go into this tool after a love break and thanks to The Work I’m able to continue to fall in love with men and with life. More and more open, and living my processes in a lighter and more authentic way. This work leads me to embrace my human side and connect with my loving nature. It is a revolution for all who yearn to find peace, it is “the end of the search”.

I have carried out The Work for eight years at the University of Barcelona. Actually, I accompany hundreds of people to discover this treasure. If you resonate with my energy, I will be happy to guide you. The sessions are usually in Spanish or Catalan, and exceptionally in English.

Catalan, English, Spanish
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