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Feza Karakas

My passion for truth and freedom started during my childhood. At the age of 12, I started reading Rumi, Hafiz, Omar Khayyam and many others. I somehow knew that there was something else possible beyond what I believed about myself and others. So I started searching and searching for the truth and freedom for years. That search continued until I found The Work in 2002 in Amsterdam.

Before I met The Work, I was a loving and devoted wife, mother, and successful business woman. I had a hotel and restaurant in Turkey and wholesale and retail shops in Amsterdam. I had a wonderful life; loving husband, two beautiful children, education, success, got to travel all over the world and much more. But something was missing. What was missing was a sense of “being alive”. I was missing the power to be alive. I was a machine. I was a robot. I was trying to make it in life. I was trying to survive. I was at war with myself and my world. I thought something was wrong with me and everyone around me. I had a need to fix myself and others. I was suffering from a deep feeling of shame and guilt. I was never good enough. I was competing, comparing, judging, evaluating, explaining, blaming and most importantly I WAS SUFFERING. The interesting thing is that I was not even aware that I was a machine but I felt it. I always felt that emptiness and wanted to fulfill it with external things. Through all my conscious life, I searched for the truth outside of me and that did not work at all. The need to fulfill that emptiness and that gap was getting bigger and bigger. It is like nothing was enough. I was needy for love and approval. I wanted others to accept me and love me. I was dependent on their love and approval and that need was affecting my actions.

After I found The Work, my life is divided into two sections. Before and after The Work… in other words, before and after the suffering.

The Work is so simple, yet so powerful. It offers me a way to open my mind and heart to peace and freedom. With The Work, I feel connected to love. It gives me an opening to trust the goodness of the universe and myself. The Work leads me to a very simple, clear and fast way to end my stressful and fearful thoughts. What I am experiencing with The Work is, whenever I am too hard on myself or others, or unkind in any way, in other words, whenever I believe in my stressful thinking, The Work brings me back to inner peace, joy, gratitude, love, compassion, understanding, listening , kindness and humor.

One of the biggest realizations that I made was that I was addicted to stressful thinking. I still have that addiction. The good news is that I am not a victim of that addiction anymore, and I know what to do with that addiction now. I do The Work. It is so simple. I take any of my stressful thoughts into an inquiry, and I set myself free.

I consider The Work the most valuable gift anyone can receive or give. The Work has been such a profound gift to me, and I would love to share that gift with people individually in person, groups, and workshops. You can reach me by Skype, or phone. Please feel free to contact me to talk about how I can support you.

English, Turkish
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