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Irmgard Edelbauer-Huber

When I discovered The Work in 2010 I was not happy with certain circumstances in my life and I felt I could only ever be happy if these circumstances changed.

Then I came across the quote by Byron Katie: You’re just suffering from the belief that there’s something missing from your life. In reality, you always have what you need. And this totally woke me up.

I started reading Loving What Is and discovered that I was so much in other people’s business and also in God’s business and that I totally neglected myself. I discovered that my thoughts were the cause of my misery and the greatest realization was that I could actually do something against my negative thoughts.

I started doing The Work and noticed that The Work slowly took me out of my misery and despair. My life on the outside stayed the same but on the inside everything changed. I started to accept and then even love the life I was living. I realized that everything within me causes happiness OR despair depending on whether I believe my thoughts or not.

I am very thankful for The Work. The Work changed my life in so many ways, it made me more open-minded and helped me to find the love of my life: me. The Work is my daily tool and practice for a peaceful and happy life.

I offer individual sessions through Skype, phone, or in person as well as workshops and teleclasses on any topic (e.g. body, love, relationships, family, death, work, business life, learning languages, etc.).

As I am an English teacher I also offer English language classes supported by The Work.

I would love to get to know you and do The Work with you!

English, German
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