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Jacqueline (Jacqui) Luff

I was introduced to the Work by a friend in approximately 2009. At that time I was severely depressed, suffering from body dysmorphia, and sincerely wishing that I would die (I was too fearful to attempt suicide). Up until then, I had endured several years in this living hell which had been triggered by a break up with my partner of eight years.

According to what I was believing at the time, my ex-partner was the love of my life. I also had other strong beliefs such as: “no one will ever love me like him”, “I will never love again like that”, “there is only one true love”, “no one else will be able to accept me like he did” etc. The list went on and on. I spiraled downwards and eventually developed “body dysmorphia”—all of my insecurities and self-hatred were now being projected onto my innocent body.

Through examining and questioning my stressful beliefs (i.e. doing The Work) I came to see how I was responsible for my happiness (and unhappiness). This realization was both liberating and empowering. Instead of looking to someone else to fulfill me, I could see how this was actually my job. As I began to examine my painful thoughts, I noticed that I started to become “lighter” and more open. Eventually, I even came to appreciate and value my body—something I had never thought possible.

Doing the Work has become a daily practice for me. It reminds me that my thoughts are not who I am, it shines a light on my stressful stories and allows me to examine them and find out if they are really true. I notice that if I identify with my painful thoughts, I suffer, and if I question them I become more peaceful.

The Work has changed my perception of life in ways that are both subtle and obvious. For example, I now live my life with an openness and acceptance I did not know previously, and this continues to grow. I am also in a loving relationship with an amazing person—something I never dreamed possible when I was believing my story that no-one would ever want to be with me again.

I work as a counsellor, hypnotherapist, and Facilitator of The Work, offering private sessions to individuals and couples both in person and via Skype. I also offer workshops and 90-day programs which incorporate The Work as a daily practice.

I would love to support you as you question your stressful beliefs and find the peace and freedom that lies within.

Western Australia, Australia
English, Spanish
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